Frequently ask questions

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1. Take the 105 North in direction to Kazabazua (until you see a large log home to the left); 2. Turn right on Mont Ste-Marie road. You will see the Mont Ste-Marie lake; 3. Continue straight, the road will change to Lac vert road (about 8.9 km) – do not take the curve which will lead to Mont St-Marie ski station; 4. The Lac vert road will change again to Lac Désormeaux road so keep going until the Poisson blanc road/intersection – (about 15 km in total); 5. Turn right on Poisson Blanc road; 6. Continue until the 4 stops (Lafrenière road and Poisson blanc road/intersection) -– (about 2.3 km). 7. Continue on Poisson blanc road in order to pass by the fire station (about 0.7 km); 8. Not very long passed the fire station, turn right on the 2nd road named (Lac-à-la-Barbue road) in direction to the lake. You will stop to a place where there are 4 wood cottages. YOU ARE ARRIVED!!

What should i bring ?
1. Drinkable water 2. Bed sheets, linen (extra pillows) Maple : Queen x 1, double x 1, 2 x single bunk and sofa-bed (double). Willow : Double x 1, queen x  1, 1 x single et sofa-lit (double) 3. Various towels and soap 4. Dish clothes/rag, dishwashing soap 5. paper towel 6. Toilet paper 7. Life jackets

Should i bring propane for the BBQ?
No it is provided.

Can we bring our boat?
Yes and there is a public boat launch.

Is there a beach?
Yes, approx 150 feet of sandy beach.

Should I bring firewood for the stove or fire pit?
The heating logs are provided and the camp fire wood is not. However, the camp firewood can be provided at a minimal fee.

What can we fish?
You can find: brown trout, rainbow trout, speckled trout, pike, bass and perch. Fishing licences are mandatory and minnows forbidden.

Do you accept dogs?
Yes, so far people have been responsible pet owners (keeping them on a leash, picking up the poop, keeping the dogs by their side and keeping them from barking) so we allow them. You can also bring your electronic fence if you have one. Renters should notify us if they will bring pet(s). Thank you!

Is there internet and TV channels?
Yes, we have high speed internet and TV channels.